Christ's Food Center

Sharing the Bread of Life in our community!


"If you love me, you will obey what I command." (John 14:15)

Answers to common questions

  1. How do I sign up to get food?

    The center is open under special, EMERGENCY circumstances such as home fires or storm-related causes, we will open the center up at times other than 3rd Sunday. Please call 918-651-3264 for more information.

    To receive food, you must bring a photo ID, (drivers license or other current photo ID), a current utility or phone bill to verify your address, the social security number of everyone in your household who will be eating this food, and provide your household's gross annual income. 

    Everyone can qualify for food that is freely given as long as you live within our normal service area. (click for map)

    To qualify for food that comes from the government sponsored agencies you must be low income, a Oklahoma resident, and not receiving food from any other agency.

  2. Why do you insist that anyone receiving food must come to the center?

    The Christís Food Center has been organized for the sole purpose of sharing the Bread of Life in our community. We know that the spiritual food that comes from scripture and prayer is more important that the physical food we give out. This is why we do not allow someone to take food to another family.

  3. What happens if I miss 3rd Sunday?

    If you are unable to make it, we may arrange a time for you to come and receive food. One emergency per year per family is allowed except in extreme situations such as fire, flood or tornado. While we never turn anyone away, an "emergency" menu may be the only one available at times other than 3rd Sunday.

  4. Why do you discourage sharing the food I receive with my neighbors?

    We always have emergency food available for anyone who is hungry. You will help your hungry neighbor more by bringing them to CFC to receive food.

  5. What do I do with the food I don't want?

    Remember the basic rule, "Take only what you want and want what you take." There is no penalty for not taking a food item you will not eat or do not want. And please, do not hoard this food. God provides enough each month for everyone's needs.

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